Integrates seamlessly with your existing SIEM/XDR system, delivering security alerts in real-time. Users receive instant notifications about incidents impacting their corporate identity and can respond swiftly with a single tap. Stay proactive and protect your corporate identity by taking immediate action to mitigate security threats.

Powered by MYID Autopilot

Instant Security Alerts

Receive real-time notifications about security incidents affecting corporate identities. Empower users to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats with immediate alerts.

Proactive Threat Response

Allow users to take swift action against security threats with a single tap. Enable proactive measures to mitigate risks and prevent breaches before they escalate.


Groundbreaking technology to respond to incidents automatically to safeguard against identity threats. Reduce response time down to 60 seconds to kill it before it becomes a breach.

Enhanced Protection

Safeguard corporate identities by keeping users informed and engaged in security operations. Strengthen your organization’s security posture by involving every user in threat detection and response.

Out of the box integrations with: