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MYID Self Verify transforms users into active participants in security operations, providing real-time incident response and personalized notifications. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring enhanced protection and empowering individuals to take control of their security. Experience the power of self-service security operations with MYID Self Verify for unmatched organization-wide protection.

MYID Self Verify

Manage. Protect. Learn.

Self-Service Security Operations.

All-in-one Identity Self-Service, Security & Learning.


MYID Manage leverages your current IAM system to provide self-service capabilities, empowering users to handle password resets, account unlocks, profile updates, and receive real-time account alerts directly on their mobile devices. This seamless integration enhances convenience and control, ensuring users have quick and easy access to manage their accounts efficiently.

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MYID Protect integrates seamlessly with your existing SIEM/XDR system, delivering security alerts in real-time. Users receive instant notifications about incidents impacting their corporate identity and can respond swiftly with a single tap. Stay proactive and protect your corporate identity by taking immediate action to mitigate security threats.

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MYID Learn offers personalized and context-based security awareness training to users. By analyzing individual security profiles, it delivers effective and relevant training materials precisely when users need them the most. With MYID Learn, users can enhance their knowledge, understand potential risks, and make informed decisions to bolster their overall security posture.

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Self Service Incident Validation & Response

Reduce Incident Response time to 60 seconds.

Kill it before it becomes a breach.

MYID Self Verify revolutionizes incident response by engaging every user in the organization to actively respond to threats related to their identity. With MYID, high severity incidents trigger real-time alerts and notifications to users, empowering them to take immediate action. In cases where a user does not respond, MYID automatically initiates proactive measures to halt a potential breach, ensuring enhanced security. This seamless integration between users and incident response not only minimizes incident response time but also prevents breaches before they occur. Experience the power of MYID, where every user becomes a crucial line of defense, contributing to a more secure organizational environment.