MYID Virtual Assistant

Enhance your website, portal, mobile app, and other platforms with the MYID Virtual Assistant. This chatbot service allows users to securely reset passwords or unlock accounts through a simple conversation.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Helpdesk Costs: Minimize the need for helpdesk support with automated self-service options.

  • Secure OTP-Based Authentication: Ensure security with one-time passwords (OTPs) for verification.

  • No Default Passwords: Avoid the risks associated with communicating default passwords over phone calls.

  • Secure Password Generation: Receive randomly generated secure passwords sent directly via SMS and email.

Empower your users with the convenience and security of the MYID Virtual Assistant.

Enhanced User Experience

Provide seamless self-service options for users, enabling them to easily reset passwords and unlock accounts through intuitive chatbot conversations. Improve user satisfaction by reducing wait times and offering immediate assistance.

Operational Efficiency

Automate routine tasks such as password resets and account unlocks, freeing up IT and helpdesk resources for more critical tasks. Streamline processes to ensure quick and effective user support.

Robust Security

Implement secure OTP-based authentication and randomly generated passwords, minimizing the risk of security breaches. Ensure sensitive information is securely communicated via SMS and email, protecting user accounts.

Cost Reduction

Lower operational costs by reducing the volume of helpdesk calls related to password and account issues. Optimize resource allocation and reduce the need for extensive manual support through automated solutions.

Out of the box integrations with: