Leverages your current IAM system to provide self-service capabilities, empowering users to handle password resets, account unlocks, profile updates, and receive real-time account alerts directly on their mobile devices. This seamless integration enhances convenience and control, ensuring users have quick and easy access to manage their accounts efficiently.

User Empowerment

Enable users to take control of their accounts with self-service options for password resets, account unlocks, and profile updates. Provide real-time account alerts directly on their mobile devices for enhanced convenience.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline account management processes, reducing the dependency on IT support. Users can quickly and easily handle their account needs, allowing IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Real-Time Alerts

Deliver instant notifications about account activities, ensuring users are always informed. Enhance security by keeping users aware of any changes or potential issues with their accounts.

Seemless Integration

Leverage your existing IAM system to integrate MYID Manage effortlessly. Ensure a smooth and consistent user experience across all platforms, enhancing overall system functionality.

Out of the box integrations with: