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Empower Users, Enhance Security.

A Game-Changing Webinar for IBM QRadar Customers.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023 1-2pm ET

Join us for an enlightening webinar as we unveil the groundbreaking integration of MYID and IBM QRadar, designed to transform your security operations center (SOC) into a self-service powerhouse. Whether you are an existing or prospective IBM QRadar customer, this webinar is your gateway to revolutionizing your security landscape.


Discover how MYID empowers both existing and new IBM QRadar customers to unleash the true potential of their security operations centers. With MYID's seamless integration, every user in your organization can become an active participant in your SOC. Witness firsthand how self-service capabilities enable users to take control of their security posture.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how MYID empowers users to review and respond to security incidents independently. Explore how real-time feeds from IBM QRadar trigger personalized push notifications to end users, ensuring they are promptly informed if their identity is involved in an offense. Users can then take immediate action by simply confirming or denying their involvement.

But that's not all—MYID takes security a step further. In cases where users deny involvement, access termination is initiated, forcing them to change their password for enhanced protection. Once the password is changed, normal operations are restored seamlessly, ensuring the highest level of security without compromising user experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the power of a self-service SOC with MYID and IBM QRadar. Join us and learn how to transform your security operations, streamline incident response, and empower every user in your organization. Register now to embark on a new era of security operations..​

MYID at a glance

MYID is a mobile app designed for corporate identity security & self-response. It offers a range of features and functionalities to help organizations efficiently manage and protect their corporate identities. With password management, account unlocking, profile updates, and security alerts powered by IBM QRadar, MYID enables organizations to effectively handle their digital presence and ensure its security. Real-time alerts keep users informed about any incidents related to their corporate identity, allowing them to promptly respond and take necessary actions. Additionally, MYID provides tailored training and recommendations based on offenses detected by IBM QRadar, empowering all members of the organization to contribute effectively to cyber response efforts. MYID is a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to manage and safeguard their corporate identities with ease.


MYID Manage helps users efficiently manage and protect their corporate identities. With features such as password management, account unlocking, profile updates, and security alerts powered by IBM QRadar, users can easily take charge of their digital presence and ensure its security.


MYID Protect, leveraging IBM QRadar, offers real-time alerts to users regarding any incidents related to their identity. With just a single tap, users can easily confirm or deny their involvement in the reported activity.


MYID Learn offers users training and recommendations specifically tailored to each offense detected by IBM QRadar. By utilizing this service, all members of your organization can receive the necessary training to effectively contribute to cyber response efforts.

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